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How much do fire pits cost?

Fire burning in fire pit day time beside a river and greenery

How much do fire pits cost?

Fire pits come in different designs, shapes, colors and sizes. It can be fun to have one in your backyard. Some are made for cooking, while others can be used as a place to sit and relax. With its popularity, there are many ways on how to construct or buy one. Due to the popularity, some companies have opened their own manufacturing company so that they can produce other types of fire pits.

Average Fire Pit Costs

Average Cost : $700

High Cost : $1,400

Low Cost : $300

Outdoor Built-In Firepit Prices

Stone or Field Stone : $300

Brick Paver or Fire Brick : $280

Concrete Block : $110

Nicolock : $500

Techno-Bloc Valencia : $610

Unilock Stones : $500

Fire-pit Prices

The normal cost to establish a fire bowl will be $700. The speed for labor is just $55 per hour roughly $340 each occupation, and also the purchase price for substances is currently roughly $400. The normal cost assortment of a premade, above ground fire pit is currently $300.

Homeowners that make an effort to assemble their particular unit using bricks and mortar are more very likely to end up having moisture, ground compensation and other issues. Employing a builder makes certain that the project is done correctly, and also the consequent structure will always be stable and attractive for several decades.

Stone or Field-stone

The normal charge of a built-in unit made from gems is $300. This stuff comes in various shapes from round to angular, therefore homeowners may select the design that mainly attracts them and best matches their own landscape. They are available in several colors which range from brown to grey and are nice to make use of dye or charcoal.

Brick Paver or Fire-brick

Bricks will crack from intense heat, therefore fire bricks will need to line the interior of the ring. Standard pavers may line the surface of this machine. Homeowners love this stuff is equally of interest and has been exude warmth after the flame has expired.

Concrete Blocks

A block fire-pit costs as low as $110. Blocks are affordable and large; thus a builder or homeowner may earn a structure whilst cutting edge materials. Because of this, this could be the cheapest material to use for the construction. Use these to construct a unit which burns gas, wood or charcoal.


Their bricks can be found in various sizes, shapes and colors. These pavers may defy timber, aluminum and gas-fueled fires.

Techno-Bloc Valencia

Techno-Bloc Valencia units cost approximately $610. Much like Nicolock, these bricks are a brand new sort of paving rock.

Unilock Stones

The price of a standard Unilock rock fire bowl is currently approximately $500. This brand name paver is designed for heat from firewood gas and charcoal. Homeowners may select from a number of colors, sizes and prices to match their requirements.

Normal Setup Expenses

A standard contractor will bill on an hourly basis to put in a fire bowl and also may finish the job in roughly four to eight hours. Hence, the expense of labor normally runs from $200 to $480, based on various facts.

Fire pits Size

The more expensive the fire bowl, the longer stuff and period are necessary to build it. A regular arrangement will include 20 to 4-5 inches in diameter and you will vary between 12 and 20 inches.

To discover the specific level of rock that any fire bowl will be needing, pick how deep and large that it is likely to be. Afterward, with the measurements of this paving stone you select, then you can figure out the quantity of bricks you will want for the undertaking.

Fuel Type

When some varieties of fuel (firewood) require merely a fire proof bowl along with paving stone with good drainage, and additional styles (gas, electric) must join into the machine (s) at your house. Propane is different from those systems at your house as it comes in the replaceable, mobile tank.

Wood-burning pits

Since wood-burning flames may be too intense, it might not be the best source of heat for your backyard. You would need a lot of space for your fire pit. Usually the price of wood burning pit is comparatively lower than all other pits $400. Also, due to its size, you would need a lot of firewood and other stuff to keep it going. Fire pits cost much, depending on its size and materials.

Gas fire pit

A gas fire pit is easier to store and move around. Its price range varies from $500-$800. It is a lot lighter compared to a fireplace. However, if you live in an area where there is extreme weather change, especially winter, then you should go with a wood-burning fireplace.

Concrete Fire pits

Concrete fire pits are another alternative that you can consider if you want a unit that looks like a traditional pit but is made out of concrete. Its price is around $150. Because of the material used, these fire pits are fire-safe and provide enough heat as long as the embers are kept burning. In addition, it is fire-proof. For safety measure, you should place it at least 10 feet away from any area that can be easily flammable, such as kitchen cabinets and the like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could it be more economical to build a fire pit or even purchase one?

But unless you are a trust-funder or like spending cash, stay with a builder's regular construct. Most provide prefab, modular components which price at least twice as much as a custom build.

Is concrete great to get a fire pit?

Concrete is composed completely of non-combustible stuff; this deficiency of flammability leaves it the ideal foundation to get a flame pit. What concrete is going to do is extend when subjected to elevated temperatures, so this may possibly result in cracking. The fantastic thing is this cracking could be avoided with just a little bit of forethought.

What type of wood is ideal to get a fire pit?

Hardwoods burn more than other forests, and bleach cleaner, which makes that it generates less residue and smoke compared to other forests. These warmer forests will generate a warmer, more durable, and durable flame.

Do gas flame pits give off heat?

If you're wishing to utilize your flame pit for a heating supply, gas flame pits do not provide off as much warmth as a wood-burning flame

Why are fire pit fittings so costly?

Custom-built in-ground components with inserts are undoubtedly the most pricey kind of flame pit. Custom-built goods are somewhat more precisely only because they require the builder to design a construction from scratch.

Aside from the different styles and designs, fire pits also offer many benefits, especially when it comes to energy consumption. These devices can greatly reduce the amount of electricity or gas that you use in your home. The amount of carbon monoxide that is produced by a wood fire pit can also be reduced because most of these types of fire pits are vented. This means that the fumes that are produced will dissipate outside of your home rather than accumulating inside your residence.

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