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Best 10 Advantages of Propane Fire Pits

Propane Fire pit with a burning fire at night time

Propane Fire Pits

Propane fire pits are powered with a liquid propane tank that's frequently kept in a drawer or cupboard. It's in fact quite easy to light and burns fast in contrast with wood burning fire pits. It doesn't emit smoke or perhaps produce sparks.

Advantages of having Propane Fire pits

Requires no Cleaning

Exactly like cooking in the kitchen, we're more inclined to get it done if there's not any clean up required, right? When compared with this wood-burning edition, propane models require a great deal of the job and upkeep from appreciating with a cracking flame on the rear deck.

You can use it with or without fire

Fire pits are excellent but when the weather is too hot, you might not wish a flame. In these situations, what's that a fire pit?

That is what is so good about the dining table variations. They're helpful anytime even in the event that you don't need a fire. In my view, you get greater value for your money since they may be appreciated more frequently.

Easily to transfer

Though you might not intend on (or wish to) transfer your passion pit, for many people this might be a large advantage. Whether the circumstance is a particular occasion, the shifting of the seasons or you merely need to re-arrange your garden, a portable fire pit will provide more flexibility.


Based on Angie's List, the expense to hire a landscaper to construct an outdoor fire pit may cost approximately $1,400, though some jobs can vary up to $5,000. You may readily locate fire pit tables for under $1000.


Propane tank refills are not free

Should you use your flame pit regularly at a high flame setting, then you might end up replacing/refilling your propane tank several times during the year? This price can accumulate and possibly add up to more than you would like to spend.

A 20-pound propane tank will last about 4 to 5 4 1/2 hours in the utmost fire amount and about 8-9 hours in a moderate gasoline output.

An easy fix to this scenario is to get in the practice of employing the low-flame setting. In addition, I have begun using the gasoline for 1-2 hours at a time versus 3-4 hours.

Are they warm?

In contrast to bigger built-in flame pits, I do not believe the normal propane fire pit table provides as much heat. Do not get me wrong, they really do provide heat. But on a chilly day, you might choose to bring a few wool blankets also.

Things to Search for in a Fire Pit Table:

If you would like to get into flame pit dining in your own backyard but you're unsure what to get, here are a few suggestions we have accumulated;

  • Search for models with a large tabletop versus one that's narrow. This makes it significantly simpler to serve meals and beverages plus accommodate more people if needed.
  • Some flame pits arrive with a cover plate so you can completely hide the pit and utilize the whole surface for a table. This is also useful in case your garden has plenty of trees that fall leaves.
  • Round tables and ones using a hexagonal shape often fit more people than square variations (without consuming more space on the deck). Rectangular units may also match more guests.


Propane fire pits are powered with a liquid propane tank. Clean up is also quite simple with this kind of fire pit because you don't have to wash up ash. In addition, it generates the exact same ambiance as wood fire pits.

With respect to building a brand new fire pit, its dimensions, materials, and cost range fluctuates significantly. First and foremost, you need to take into account the tank size that you need to use to your own fire pit.


For regular propane fire pits, a 20 pounds propane tank is sufficient and you'll be able to use an 18" burner ring with this. But if you would like to use your propane fire pit for much more, you are able to use bigger propane tanks which you utilize for your house.

Their length varies significantly based on what size your propane tank is and exactly what preferences you've got on your own fire pit. According to your users, a typical 20lb tank will last 3-4 hours should you use it on medium settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you cook on a propane flame table?

Even though it may be tempting to use a propane fire table for cooking, it is not recommended due to the by-products of gasoline combustion sticking into the meals, such as black carbon, or soot. In reality, CSA certification criteria instruct to not cook food over natural or propane gas fireplace tables and fire pits as part of the typical certification warnings.

Would you roast marshmallows or s am ores on a propane flame table?

It might sound odd, but ingesting anything, such as marshmallows, over propane fire tables, or even flame pits isn't advocated, and believe it or not, is really discouraged by CSA regulations. The genuine health reasons are the result of carbon and soot from petrol combustion. If children are likely to want to roast them, attempt to maintain the marshmallows towards the external edges of this flame pit bowl and roast in your yellow flames. This can help avoid or decrease black carbon or soot buildup on the marshmallow and supplies the ideal opportunity to attain the penultimate gold brown.

Do propane fire pits give off carbon monoxide?

The surplus smoke can occasionally cause lung irritation and also have added environmental issues. A propane fireplace emits carbon dioxide as a result of typical process of combustion. Since the gasoline burns, carbon dioxide is shaped as the by-product. These fire pits do not get as hot as wood-burning fires, but do not throw sparks, and do not run out of gas fast (or even in the event that you use natural gas).

Do propane fire pits cause cancer?

A report published in June 2018 cautioned smoke from cool outdoor fire pits and BBQs may lead to cardiovascular disease, lung ailments, and even cancer.

Could you've have got a propane fire pit onto a screened-in porch?

Fire pits should not ever be utilized in an enclosed area. If not properly ventilated, a fire pit can make a buildup of toxic smoke and dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide. Always use a fire pit in an open area with loads of airflow.

Would you cook hotdogs within a propane fire pit?

You can roast hot dog’s wieners or cocktail wieners readily over a flame. Simply set the wieners on a rod, and roast them on the fire till they are browned. It is that simple! For hot dogs, be certain that you have buns along with your preferred topping available near for advantage.

Which one is better wood or propane fire pit?

It's possible to find more warmth from wood since it burns hotter than propane and natural gas. This means that outdoor cooking is simpler to achieve with wood-burning programs than petrol ones. There's not anything quite like the crackling looks and pastoral aromas of a pure saltwater burning fireplace.

Just how far away if a fire pit be out of a propane tank?

10 ft. Before light an outside fire, check the weather forecast.

The truth is that fire pits do keep you hot to widely varying amounts. A candle flame may provide you a bit of warmth. Perhaps not enough to keep you comfy but still. The warmth generated by your flame pit is dependent mostly on the fuel supply you use (propane, natural gas, or timber).

Is a propane fire pit worthwhile?

When compared with this wood-burning edition, propane models require a great deal of the job and upkeep from appreciating a crackling fire on the rear deck. Fire pits are excellent but when the weather is too hot, you might not wish a fire. They're helpful anytime - even in the event that you don't need a fire.

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