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Here you will get the best deals on outdoor log racks where you can store your wood and keep it clean and dry. It also allows you to buy your fire wood in bulk, which will save you money.

If you are looking for the ideal outdoor firewood rack to stash your logs and kindling then you have come to the right place.

All our wood storage racks are high quality, stylish and functional and made from durable and sturdy metal.

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  • Fire Wood Stands - available in 2 sizes
    Fire Wood Stands -  available in 2 sizes
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Log Racks

A log rack is great for storing your firewood, keeping it dry and saving you money. Shop Log Racks at Hotfirepits.com.au. From traditional to modern and geometrical statement pieces, here you will find the perfect log rack to compliment your fire pit area in a variety of styles and sizes.

Benefits of having a Log Rack

  • Firewood can be stacked which allows air circulation and seasoning of the wood
  • Helps to keep the firewood off the ground. Wood stacked directly on the ground absorbs moisture and does not dry properly, and it will not rot
  • Allows you to keep plenty of wood close by so you can burn fires often without the need to go and get more wood
  • Keeps your wood stacked neat and tidy
  • Enhance the look of your outdoor area
  • Stacked wood is less attractive than a heap of timber that offers lots of tunnelling options to snakes, ants, and other pests

Log Racks at Hot Fire Pits Australia

If you are living in Australia, we would recommend purchasing a log rack to stack your firewood. The log rack needs to be elevated off the ground and be protected from the damp weather conditions, rain and snow. 

Firewood may be infested by ants and other garden pests. The firewood rack should be set up at a reasonably safe distance from your home to prevent any insects and snakes getting inside your house.

Improperly stored wood tends to rot and dampen the quality of your fire. Log racks help to aid in the air flow process, helping with ventilation and keeping the wood dry. This is better for your fire as wet or damp wood tends to generate more smoke and dry wood burns much better.