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Ethanol Fire Pits Australia are eco-friendly and make a cosy and warm fireplace to complement any indoor or outdoor space. Ethanol fire pits come in various shapes, sizes and finishes, and create a great social gathering point in your home.
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  • Rondo Commerce Ethanol Burner - 41.2cm Diameter x 41.2cm High
    Rondo Commerce Ethanol Burner Australia - 41.2cm Diameter x 41.2cm High
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  • Totem Commerce Ethanol Burner - 44.4cm Diameter x 96.2cm High
    Totem Commerce Ethanol Burner Australia - 44.4cm Diameter x 96.2cm High
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  • Jar Commerce Ethanol Burner - 41cm Diameter x 79.5cm High
    Jar Commerce Ethanol Burner Australia in natural concrete colour
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Ethanol Fire Pits

An ethanol fire pit is environmentally friendly since Ethanol is a clean-burning biofuel. The gel comes in bottles that you pour into the fire pits gas reservoir. Shop Ethanol Fire Pits from Hotfirepits.com.au. Locate the ideal fire pit to your garden, patio, or outdoor area. 


Benefits of having Ethanol Fire Pits

  • Lights easily
  • It puts less heat than wood, gasoline, or propane
  • Provides ambiance
  • Installment
  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Flexibility

Three Different Types of Ethanol Fire Pits at Hot Fire Pits Australia

If you are living in Australia, we would recommend purchasing an ethanol fire pit because it has several advantages over other fire pits. We have three different ethanol fire pits that will fulfill your needs completely.


Rondo Commerce Ethanol Burner - 41.2cm Diameter x 41.2cm High

Totem Commerce Ethanol Burner - 44.4cm Diameter x 96.2cm High

Jar Commerce Ethanol Burner - 41cm Diameter x 79.5cm High   



Ethanol burns cleaner than other gas types, and it may be utilized as an effective way of controlling and even reducing the contamination involved with the heating system.

Ethanol is this kind of new gas type that, if added to auto fuels (one-part Ethanol to nine parts gas), may give rise to a substantial decrease in greenhouse emissions such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

As stated previously, Ethanol, on the other hand, is an exceptionally environmentally friendly and clean, sustainable supply of energy. It's a renewable energy supply generated from plant by-products, for example, plants such as sugar cane, rice, and corn, as well as grapes. Ethanol does not create harmful pollutants which may harm our surroundings.


Ethanol Fire Pits vs Gas Fire Pits

Before starting the comparison between ethanol and gas fire pits, we should first understand the ethanol fire pit and the gas fire pit. So, let's begin by telling you about both of these fire pits;

Ethanol Fire Pits

An ethanol fire pit is very environmentally friendly since ethanol is a sterile burning biofuel. You can purchase an ethanol based gel for smaller fire pits. This is available in bottles for easy pouring into the fuel reservoir of the fire pit. Shop Fire Pits - Locate the ideal fire pit for your garden, patio, or outside area.

Gas Fire Pits

A gas fire pit desk is a propane or natural gas-fueled fire desk that acts as a focal point on your patio or backyard.

Working of Ethanol Fire Pits

It burns off alcohol-based ethanol gas. You put gas in the burner container and light it up using a long milder. In most versions, the dimensions of this fire may be controlled by cutting back on the burner opening.

Working of Gas Fire Pits

First, the home includes a petrol line in the home or a portable propane tank. The cover of the house is a massive concave heat-resistant bowl. One or many burners sprout from the bowl from beneath. These are connected to the tank underneath, providing them with combustible gasoline.

The efficiency of Ethanol Fire Pits

Bioethanol gas can be very pricey, but the efficiency of the burner is unrivaled. Usually, bio-ethanol flames will burn off for about five hours, with 1 litre of gas breaking approximately 2.50. Electric Fires -The newest electrical fires are efficient.

The efficiency of Gas Fire Pits

Gas burns more cleanly and generates fewer emissions to the air. Wood fire pits emit around 28 or more pounds of emissions to the atmosphere whenever they are used. This is compared to regular gasoline, which generates 99 per cent fewer emissions than that of the timber fire pit.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethanol Firepits

First, we will share the advantages of ethanol fire pits. Let's have a look at some of these pros;

  • Bioethanol fuel burns fresh, just like the organic material it is - no worries concerning CO2 emissions or some other dangerous airborne fumes.
  • The gas burns clean and generates zero leftovers. No ashes, no dirt, no traces of whatever. Not an oily residue. Ethanol burners require a quick wipe a few times per year, and they are all set.
  • Suppose you are looking for an excellent quality ethanol fire pit, then you can buy it here from our site fire pit. The natural beauty of ethanol fireplaces is they need no venting. Just choose where you would like it and place it there. This opens up a lot of chances and generates exceptional places throughout your house to have a fireplace.


  • Regrettably, ethanol fireplaces aren't supposed to replace your principal source of warmth; and only supplement it. You may need to have a big ethanol burner in each room of your house to heat it satisfactorily.
  • So, stick with using ethanol burners for a supplemental source of warmth and pleasure.
  • There aren't many risks to getting ethanol burners in your house; they're relatively secure. But when the gas is spilt and caught on fire, that could cause concern.
  • If you make sure that you put money into an excellent ethanol burner you designed to avoid tipping and spilling, then you might be OK.
  • There are tons of inexpensive, mass-produced versions out there that are not controlled for all these attributes, so ensure that you inspect the version for specs. Here is a fantastic group of cheap and higher-excellent ethanol dispensers to test out.
  • Like every fire burning source of warmth, an ethanol burner absorbs the oxygen inside the area it's inside.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas fire Pits


  • When you buy a gas fire pit, then you can create your fire desk. Additionally, a self-built fire desk fits perfectly the design of the backyard.
  • If you produce a fire table, you can provide free rein to your imagination in an affordable manner.
  • Gas fire pits have been officially examined and declared protected to use. Additionally, our gas fireplace pits are sold on tens of thousands of occasions, and we've always had great experiences with our manufacturers! You buy the one for yourself here at fire pits.


  • They are not suitable for our natural environment.
  • Gas fire pits utilize gas. This usually means you need to join a little gas jar into a flame table/gas fire pit. Would you wish to join a flame desk for natural gas? Please be mindful that you let a certified gasoline installer install the natural gas conversion kit into your gas fireplace pit.

Question/Answer Section


Can you cook over a gas fire pit?

It is not recommended to cook on your gas fire pit. The reason is that dripping and grease from your food will make your media dirty as well as clog the burner. On top of this, the gas fire pit burns a bright yellow flame which produce soot and smoke. 

Are ethanol fire pits secure?

With all the great advantages when compared to wood and gas fire pit heating options, ethanol fire pits and ethanol heaters are becoming more popular. By using ethanol fuel in your fire pit, it will burn a clean, safe, and long burning low odour flame.

Are gas flame pits worthwhile?

When deciding upon a petrol or timber fire pit, the two top things to consider are convenience and general feel. In terms of comfort, gas fireplace pits win hands down. Gas-burning systems are all fantastic for convenience but don't have their downfalls. To begin, they're more costly to set up.

We have explained every aspect that is related to ethanol and gas fire pits. We hope that now you can easily understand the difference between both of them.