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Need help choosing your fire pit?

Need help choosing your fire pit? There is nothing better than sitting outside   under the stars, around an open fire pit. It truly is one of life’s pleasures to just sit back and relax with friends or family feeling the warmth from the flickering flames.

Having a fire pit is a great way to get the family outdoors together, away from the screens. The kids really enjoy hanging outside around the fire pit, especially if you toast some marshmallows with them.

You can cook your dinner on your fire pit for a lovely flame grilled smoky flavour. Sit back and cook it slowly while you enjoy your favourite beverage, it really doesn't get much better than that.

If you are thinking about setting up a fire pit or improving the one you’ve got, we’ve done a bit of a fire pit round-up to give you some ideas.


Bowl fire pits

Bowl fire pits are perfect for terraces and small yards, or if you only have a small space in your garden to accommodate a fire pit. Bowl fire pits are not too heavy so you can move it to suit your needs or store in the shed out of the weather.

If your fire pit space is close to your fence and neighbours, you can choose a fire pit that comes with a mesh cover to help contain the sparks and embers.

Ethanol Fire Burners

If you are one of the Eco-friendly among us, then the Ethanol fire burners would be a great option for you as it not harmful to the environment.

If the main purpose of your fire pit is for keeping you toasty warm and cosy then an ethanol fire pit could be ideal. It also offers the flexibilty to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Gas fire pits

Gas fire pits are becoming more popular everyday, and are a great choice if you are after a contemporary, minimalistic look.

If you’re wanting something quick and easy to light, then a gas fire pit is a good option as one of the greatest benefits of a gas fire pit is how easy they are to use.

Gas fire pits are smokeless and can be turned off instantly without having to get the hose out or wait for the fire to die down.

The downfall for choosing a gas fire pit is that it needs to be installed by a professional, so they can become more expensive than the wood-burning firepits.

Gas fire pits do not give off as much heat as a wood-burning fire pit and can be fuelled by natural or propane gas.


When it comes to safety, a chiminea may be a good choice. This is because the flames are directed up and out of the chiminea stack.

Chimineas has a fire bowl and stack, which was designed to keep the smoke away from people around it. As air comes in the front of the chiminea, it is pulled upwards and out through the stack. This creates a draft that also draws the smoke up and out.

Chimineas are a classic option chosen by many for a cozy outdoor setting.

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