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Are Fire Pits Legal?

Fire wood burning in an outdoor garden fire pit

Are Fire Pits Legal?

Backyard fire pits are becoming more popular as the year's pass. A fire pit can range from a simple pit dug into the earth to a complex metal, brick, and stone structure designed to hold flames.

Made-Up of:

Fire pits are usually made out of stone or metal and come in a variety of styles. Some are very simple and are meant only to look pretty. Others are elaborate and come with many features such as grills and warming racks. If you are considering buying a fire pit for your backyard, consider whether you will use it as a cooking surface, the source of heat, or as a place to sit during cold seasons. If you plan on using your fire pit as a cooking surface frequently, you should invest in a fireproof pit with a built-in grill.

Fire pits in Australia

Fire pits In Australia, fire pits are legal worldwide if they are kept in an enclosed area not to exceed 20 metres. It is illegal to use a fire pit for any other purpose, such as cooking, heating, etc. However, if you plan on using your backyard fire pit for any of these purposes, you will need to consider fire pit regulations in your Area.

Safety Regulations

If you are looking to buy a fire pit, it is a good idea to learn about Australia's fire safety regulations, so you know exactly what you are not allowed to do with your new backyard fire pit.

  • Fire pits are an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the safety of others.
  • However, fire pits are a potentially dangerous recreational product if used incorrectly or if an accident occurs.
  • Not following local regulations can result in serious legal consequences for you, your family, and your friends.
  • Fire pits are an inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors while still keeping your home safe.
  • The main thing to remember when considering fire pits is that you are still required to follow fire safety regulations even though you are enjoying your backyard's atmosphere. 
  • If you are an adult with a built-in fire extinguisher, it is legal to use a fire pit in your backyard. 
  • You are still required to have the proper training to use a fire extinguisher.

Burning from the open

Burning from the open can be a frequent practice to decrease bush fires' danger, handle agricultural land, and eliminate agricultural and forestry wastes. Folks also utilize open fires to cook meals, prepare drinks, national heating, and as an element of recreational activities (e.g., campfires).

Council principles and criteria to fireplaces and fire pits

The construction codes vary based on where you are constructing the construction and choosing an indoor or outdoor fireplace.

Fundamentally the council's concerns revolve about the next:

  1. When the smoke out of the exterior fireplace or fire pit may disturb and hurt your neighbors.
  2. The space between your fireplace or fire pit as well as the closest vegetation, home, or business construction.
  3. The gasoline required to light your fireplace or fire pit
  4. It's crucial to employ a designer that understands and abides by the local construction codes. That's the finest and quickest way to get council approval.

Rules and Regulations

This guide is a principle to guarantee security except to ensure your fire is under your county test on the internet or call the regional fire department throughout their business hours in case you have any queries. Have fun if you're enjoying your garden fire pit with a campground cookout, but also be sure to be safe and adhere to the law.

This is nothing wrong with getting a while sitting around the bonfire, but if doing this, here are some important things to consider:

  • A fire pit has to be put at least 25 ft. from any flammable substance like your house, deck, sheds, cars, and even trees.
  • A fire must be 10 feet away from the property.
  • Fires present to be harmful if people are careless or burn poisonous substances on them.
  • Fires may be nuances to some locality if they are not fueled by fresh, clean timber and so create excessive smoke quantities.
  • Fire bans should be taken seriously, and you will want to check before beginning a flame. Your area is not presently under a ban interval.
  • After camping, then you should avoid opening a wildfire simply by being ready to extinguish a fire at a minute's notice.
  • Follow campground security guidelines concerning campfires while swimming.
  • Most of all, fires will need to be always supervised.

Effects on Health

Smoke from these types of actions can affect human health and the environment and result in environmental nuisance, especially in populated places. Specifically, it may pose a health threat to exposed groups such as individuals with allergies, people with pre-existing coronary or respiratory ailments, both the elderly and young kids.

Electric and Wood Burning Fire Pits

When buying a fire pit, you need to decide what sort of fire it will be - a wood-burning one or an electric version. Different kinds of wood produce different results.

  • If you are buying a wood-burning pit, make sure that it is designed for burning only wood. This is easier to regulate than a gas-powered pit, which requires that you constantly add fuel. 
  • Electric fire pits tend to last longer if they are designed properly, but they are less convenient because you must manually start the fire or wait for it to catch automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is smoke affecting the health?

Health effects are high contributing into the warmer months because smoking is a substantial contributor to poor untoward air quality. Though they could enjoy an outside fire, there are those in their area like the elderly, people with respiratory ailments, or have young kids who are more vulnerable.

Would you light a fire at the shore in Australia?

Generally talking in Australia, fires aren't allowed on the shore. You could be permitted to have a fire on the shore if the shore is privately owned. However, you would have to consult the owner within this uncommon instance.

Is fire allowed on the beaches?

Generally speaking, fires aren't allowed on beaches inside national parks. This is normally controlled via an alert or signs notices about the NSW National Parks site where no indications or other note exists fires might be allowed (consult local neighborhood workplace) so long as there isn't an entire fire park or playground fire ban in place.

The protective covering is necessary or not?

The fire pit you choose should also have a protective covering. Some woods are too flammable to use outdoors, so you need to buy covers to protect them from the weather. 

You may also want to purchase special fire pits designed for keeping certain woods like oak, maple, cherry, or birch. Electric fire pits may be portable or permanent. If you plan on purchasing portable fire pits, keep in mind that most of them require an electricity connection, so you should also buy a power source.

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